Bead seats offer greater safety and comfort for the driver then many of the alternatives. Essentially a bag full of foam beads is placed in the cockpit or on the seat. A resin mix is added to the bag and the driver sits on the bag. The resin hardens and forces all of the beads together forming a hard seat which is moulded to the individual drivers body. These seats are used a lot in professional motorsport. They are commonly used in single seater racing and most of these cars don't have a fitted seat but just the bare tub. They are also used in endurance racing where there are multiple drivers. A large race seat will be fitted and the Indi seat will be used as an insert to make it more comfortable for each driver. Indi seats are available in a variety of sizes. These include: GT (20ltr) 25ltr 30ltr 40ltr 50ltr (the most common size in modern single seaters) 70ltr The 70ltr size is for small drivers in a big cockpit whilst the 25ltr is for a big driver in a small cockpit. Most Formula Student teams will use a 30 or 40 ltr size seat.


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