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Whether you're a professional racing driver or a weekend warrior, you need a race helmet that will protect you in the event of a crash. Racer Industries has the biggest range of race car helmets in Australia, so you're sure to find a car racing helmet that suits your needs.

Our car racing helmets are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to provide maximum protection in the event of a crash. We also offer a wide range of designs and finishes, so you can find a helmet, or open face helmet that looks good as well as provide vital protection.

Australia’s Largest Supplier of Racing Helmets

Racing helmets are an essential safety gear for any motorsport enthusiast. They protect the driver's head from impact during high-speed races, ensuring their safety and well-being. Racer Industries, a trusted supplier of racing helmets in Australia, offers a wide selection of racing helmets suitable for various motorsport disciplines.

Full Face Helmets

Full-face helmets provide the utmost protection as they cover the entire head, including the face. Racer Industries offers a diverse range of full face helmets designed to meet the stringent safety standards required for professional racing. These helmets are crafted with lightweight materials, advanced aerodynamics, and superior ventilation systems to optimise comfort and performance.

Open Face Helmets

Open-face helmets are another popular choice among racing enthusiasts, offering a balance between safety and visibility. Racer Industries provides a variety of open face helmets designed to provide excellent peripheral vision and maximum airflow. These helmets are ideal for drivers who prefer a more open feel while still maintaining a high level of safety.

Simpson Hybrid Devices

Simpson hybrid devices are innovative safety systems that combine the advantages of a head and neck restraint with a helmet restraint system. Racer Industries offers a range of Simpson hybrid devices that enhance driver safety by minimising the risk of head and neck injuries during high-impact incidents. These devices are designed to integrate seamlessly with racing helmets, ensuring maximum protection.

Helmet Screw Kits

Helmet screw kits are essential accessories for any racing helmet. Racer Industries offers a selection of high-quality screw kits designed to securely fasten various helmet components. These kits include different sizes and types of screws, ensuring compatibility with different helmet models and designs.

Helmet Bags

Proper storage and transportation of racing helmets are crucial to maintain their integrity. Racer Industries provides durable and protective helmet bags that safeguard your helmet from scratches, dust, and other potential damages. These helmet bags are designed with convenient carrying handles and additional compartments for accessories.

Wings & Ducts

Wings and ducts are aerodynamic accessories that can be added to racing helmets to optimise airflow and downforce. Racer Industries offers a selection of wings and ducts designed to improve helmet ventilation and stability, enhancing overall performance on the track.

Helmet Cheek Padding

Comfort is paramount when it comes to racing helmets. Racer Industries provides premium helmet cheek padding replacements that ensure a snug and secure fit, reducing discomfort and helmet movement during races. These cheek padding solutions are crafted with moisture-wicking materials to keep the driver cool and focused.

HANS Devices & Accessories

Head and Neck Support (HANS) devices are critical safety equipment designed to minimise the risk of head and neck injuries in motorsport accidents. Racer Industries offers a range of HANS devices and accessories, including tethers and padding, to enhance driver safety and provide additional support during high-speed races.

Helmet Visors

Helmet visors are vital components that protect the driver's eyes from debris, wind, and sunlight. Racer Industries offers a variety of high-quality helmet visors, featuring anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties for optimal visibility. These visors are available in different tints and can be easily replaced to adapt to various weather conditions.

Visor Tear Offs

Visor tear offs are transparent films that can be applied to helmet visors. They provide an additional layer of protection, allowing drivers to quickly remove a damaged or dirty layer during a race. Racer Industries offers visor tear-offs in convenient packs, ensuring drivers can maintain clear visibility throughout their races.

Buy Helmets & Accessories Online at Racer Industries

When it comes to purchasing motorsport accessories and related accessories in Australia, Racer Industries stands out as a reliable and trusted supplier. Their extensive range of full-face helmets, open-face helmets, Simpson Hybrid Devices, helmet screw kits, helmet bags, wings and ducts, padding, HANS devices and accessories, helmet visors, and visor tear offs cater to the diverse needs of motorsport enthusiasts. With a commitment to safety, performance, and quality, Racer Industries ensures that drivers can confidently pursue their passion for racing.


FAQs About Racing Helmets


Can I purchase racing helmets from Racer Industries online?

Yes, Racer Industries offers online purchasing options for our racing helmets and related accessories. Visit their website to explore their product range.

Are Racer Industries' racing helmets compliant with safety standards?

Yes, Racer Industries ensures that all their racing helmets meet the required safety standards for motorsport activities.

Can I find spare parts for my racing helmet at Racer Industries?

Yes, Racer Industries offers a selection of spare parts and accessories for our racing helmets, including padding, visors, and screws.

Do Racer Industries provide shipping Australia-wide?

Yes, Racer Industries offers shipping Australia-wide, allowing customers from around the country to access our products.

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