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FAQs About Race Car Suspension Components


How do Racer Industries' suspension components enhance a vehicle's performance?

Our suspension components are engineered to improve handling, responsiveness, and overall performance, making them ideal for motorsport, track days, and enthusiasts seeking optimal control and traction.

What types of suspension components does Racer Industries offer?

Racer Industries provides a wide range of race car suspension components designed for motorsport and performance applications, including shock absorbers, springs, control arms, sway bars, and more.

Can I install Racer Industries' suspension components myself, or should I seek professional assistance?

The complexity of installation can vary. While some enthusiasts can handle the installation themselves, professional expertise may be required for more complex components. Always follow the provided installation instructions.

Are there any safety considerations associated with using Racer Industries' suspension components?

Our suspension components are designed with safety in mind, but it's essential to install them correctly to ensure they function as intended. Improper installation can affect vehicle safety and performance.

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