Motorsport enthusiasts and racing teams in Australia are always on the lookout for a competitive edge. High-quality motorsport parts and accessories that can enhance their chances of finishing on the podium. Whether you're a professional racer or an avid motorsport enthusiast, having access to reliable and performance-driven products is crucial. 

Motorsport Parts & Accessories: Finish on the podium with Racer Industries

Racer Industries, a renowned name in the industry, offers an extensive range of motorsport parts and accessories designed to meet the needs of racers of all levels. We have a wide selection of motorsport parts and a convenient online platform, Racer Industries has become the go-to destination for motorsport enthusiasts across Australia.

Pit & Race Preparation

When it comes to motorsport, proper preparation is key to success. Racer Industries offers a comprehensive range of pit and race preparation products to ensure your vehicle is ready for the track. From high-quality jacks and stands to tire pressure gauges and pit tools, Racer Industries has everything you need to optimise your pit stops and race performance.

Racing Electronics

In the world of motorsport, effective communication is crucial. Racer Industries provides top-of-the-line racing electronics, including two-way radios, headsets, and antennas, to ensure seamless communication between drivers, teams, and pit crews. These reliable and durable electronics enable clear and uninterrupted communication, even in the most demanding racing environments.

Race Intercoms & Communications

Clear communication within the race car is essential for driver safety and coordination with the team. Racer Industries offers race intercoms and communication systems that provide crystal-clear audio and seamless integration with other racing electronics. With their advanced features and superior sound quality, these intercom systems keep drivers connected and informed throughout the race.

Rod Ends & Bearings

Achieving optimal suspension performance is crucial for motorsport vehicles. Racer Industries supplies high-quality rod ends and bearings that offer superior durability, precise articulation, and reduced friction. These components ensure smooth suspension operation, allowing racers to maintain control and handle the toughest track conditions with confidence.

Racing Fuel Systems

To extract maximum performance from your vehicle, a reliable and efficient fuel system is essential. Racer Industries offers a wide range of racing fuel systems, including fuel cells, pumps, regulators, and filters. Designed to meet the specific demands of motorsport, these systems deliver a consistent and uninterrupted fuel supply, optimising engine performance and overall race results.

Helmets & Neck Restraints

Safety should always be a top priority in motorsport. Racer Industries provides a comprehensive selection of high-quality race helmets and neck restraints designed to offer maximum protection without compromising comfort. These safety essentials meet stringent safety standards, ensuring that drivers can focus on the race with peace of mind.

Engine Parts

Optimising engine performance is critical for achieving success on the track. Racer Industries offers a wide array of engine parts, including camshafts, pistons, crankshafts, and valves. These high-performance components are designed to withstand the rigours of motorsport, providing racers with the power and reliability they need to outperform the competition.

Race Seats & Harnesses

Proper seating and harness systems are vital for driver comfort and safety during races. Racer Industries offers a range of race seats and harnesses that combine ergonomic design with superior protection. These products provide optimal support and restraint, ensuring drivers remain secure and focused on winning the race.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire safety is a critical aspect of motorsport. Racer Industries supplies top-of-the-line fire extinguishers that meet stringent motorsport regulations. These extinguishers are lightweight, compact, and easy to use, offering reliable fire suppression capabilities to protect drivers and their vehicles in case of emergencies.

Steering & Suspension

Achieving precise control and handling is essential for any racer. Racer Industries offers a variety of steering and suspension components that allow drivers to fine-tune their vehicle's performance. From adjustable suspension kits to responsive steering systems, these products enhance handling characteristics, ensuring racers have the competitive edge they need.

Braking Systems

Efficient and reliable braking is crucial for achieving optimal lap times and ensuring driver safety. Racer Industries provides high-performance braking systems, including brake pads, rotors, callipers, and brake fluid. These components deliver exceptional stopping power, heat resistance, and consistent performance, enabling racers to push their limits with confidence.

Oil System

Maintaining proper lubrication is vital for engine longevity and performance. Racer Industries offers a comprehensive range of oil system components, including oil coolers, filters, and catch cans. These products help regulate oil temperature, remove contaminants, and optimise lubrication, ensuring your engine operates at its best under the demanding conditions of motorsport.

Exhaust Components

Optimising exhaust flow is crucial for maximising engine power and efficiency. Racer Industries supplies a wide range of high-quality racing exhaust components, including headers, mufflers, and catalytic converters. These components are designed to reduce backpressure, enhance exhaust scavenging, and deliver an aggressive sound, providing racers with the performance and sound they desire.


Racer Industries offers a comprehensive selection of driveline components to ensure reliable power transmission and performance. From driveshafts and axles to clutches and differentials, these high-quality driveline parts are engineered to handle the intense demands of motorsport, providing racers with optimal power delivery and traction.


Safety and comfort go hand in hand when it comes to motorsport. Racer Industries provides a wide range of racewear, including suits, gloves, boots, and undergarments. These products are crafted using advanced materials and ergonomic designs, offering racers the utmost protection and comfort throughout the race.

Decals & Numbers

Personalise your race car and enhance its visual appeal with high-quality race decals and numbers from Racer Industries. Whether you're looking for sponsor logos, race numbers, or custom graphics, Racer Industries can help you create a distinctive and professional look for your vehicle.

Driver Cooling

Enduring the extreme temperatures inside a race car can be challenging for drivers. Racer Industries offers driver cooling systems that provide relief from the heat and ensure driver comfort. These systems utilise advanced cooling technologies to maintain a comfortable temperature, allowing drivers to stay focused and perform at their best.

Wheels & Accessories

Choosing the right wheels and accessories is crucial for optimal performance and aesthetics. Racer Industries offers a wide selection of lightweight and durable racing wheels, along with wheel accessories such as lug nuts and valve stems. These high-quality components enhance vehicle handling, reduce unsprung weight, and add a touch of style to any race car.

Rally Accessories

For those involved in rally racing, Racer Industries offers a range of rally accessories designed to withstand the rugged conditions of off-road racing. From skid plates and rally lights to rally computers and navigation equipment, these accessories provide rally racers with the necessary tools to conquer challenging terrains.

Fasteners & Hardware

Racer Industries understands the importance of using reliable and high-quality fasteners and hardware in motorsport applications. We offer an extensive selection of fasteners, bolts, nuts, and other hardware designed to withstand the demanding vibrations and forces experienced on the track. These components ensure secure and reliable connections, giving racers peace of mind.

Racer Industries is the #1 Suppliers of Motorsport Parts & Accessories in Australia

Racer Industries is the ultimate destination for motorsport enthusiasts in Australia seeking motorsport parts and accessories. Their extensive product range, coupled with their user-friendly online platform, makes it convenient for customers to find and purchase the products they need. With Racer Industries, you can enhance your racing experience and push the boundaries of performance on the track.


FAQs About Motorsport Parts & Accessories


Can I purchase motorsport parts and accessories from Racer Industries online? 

Yes, Racer Industries offers a convenient online platform where you can browse and purchase their wide range of motorsport parts and accessories.

Are the products offered by Racer Industries of high quality? 

Yes, Racer Industries is known for providing high-quality products that meet the stringent demands of motorsport.

Do they offer safety equipment such as helmets and fire extinguishers? 

Yes, Racer Industries offers a comprehensive selection of safety equipment, including helmets and fire extinguishers, to ensure driver safety on the track.

Can I find products for both professional racing and recreational motorsport? 

Racer Industries caters to both professional racers and recreational motorsport enthusiasts, offering a wide range of motorsport products for various levels of racing.

Do they offer customisation options for racewear and decals? 

Yes, Racer Industries provides customisation options for racewear and decals, allowing you to personalise your racing gear and vehicle.

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