Helmet Neck Restraint

Racer Industries is the number one direct supplier of helmet neck restraints in Australia. Our neck restraint devices are used by some of the world's top racing drivers and teams, and we're proud to be the preferred choice for safety and performance.

Our helmet neck restraints are designed to offer the ultimate in protection and comfort, while still maintaining full range of motion. They are made from high-quality materials and are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

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FAQs About Helmet Neck Restraints


What is a helmet neck restraint, and what is its purpose in motorsports safety?

A helmet neck restraint is a safety device designed to limit the movement of a racer's head and neck during an impact or collision. Its primary purpose is to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries, including basilar skull fractures.

How does a helmet neck restraint work to enhance safety in motorsports?

Helmet neck restraints work by tethering the racer's helmet to their shoulders or the vehicle's chassis. In the event of an impact, they reduce the acceleration of the head and neck, helping to prevent excessive movement that could lead to injuries.

Are helmet neck restraints suitable for all types of motorsports, or are they discipline-specific?

Helmet neck restraints are versatile and suitable for various motorsport disciplines, including circuit racing, drag racing, rallying, and more. However, it's crucial to choose a restraint that aligns with the specific demands of your racing style.

What safety standards should I look for in a helmet neck restraint?

Look for helmet neck restraints that comply with recognised safety standards such as FIA 8858-2010 or SFI 38.1, depending on your region and racing series. These standards ensure the restraint's quality and performance.

Are helmet neck restraints easy to install, or do they require professional assistance for setup?

Helmet neck restraints typically come with clear installation instructions, and many racers can set them up themselves. However, if you are unsure or have any questions, it's advisable to seek professional guidance for the initial installation.

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