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When it comes to outfitting your motorsport with the best racing electronics, Racer Industries is the name you can trust. We've been in the business for over years and have supplied racers all over Australia with top-notch equipment and support. No matter what kind of racing operation you're running, we have the products and expertise to outfit you for success. From on-board data acquisition systems to engine management tuned specifically for racing applications, we have everything you need to get ahead of the racing competition.

We know that when it comes to winning, every little advantage counts. That's why we only source our racing electronics products directly from the manufacturers, so you can be confident you're getting the highest quality equipment available.

Racing Electronics Parts & Accessories

In the fast-paced and competitive world of motorsports, gaining a competitive edge can make all the difference. Racer Industries, a leading brand in motorsport electronics, is at the forefront of innovation, providing a comprehensive range of products to enhance performance and provide valuable data insights. In this article, we will explore Racer Industries' exceptional offerings of racing electronics, including Video VBOX Cameras & Mounts, Lap Timers, Video VBOX Kits, and much more.

Video VBOX Cameras & Mounts

Racer Industries' Video VBOX Cameras & Mounts are state-of-the-art recording solutions for capturing on-track action. These cameras are meticulously engineered to withstand the rigours of high-speed racing while delivering crystal-clear high-definition footage. With various mounting options available, drivers and teams can easily capture multiple angles, providing valuable visual data for performance analysis.

Lap Timers

Precision in lap timing is crucial for monitoring performance and comparing results between sessions. Racer Industries' Lap Timers offer accurate timing solutions, enabling drivers to track their progress and analyse lap times effectively. These timers provide instant feedback, allowing drivers to make real-time adjustments to improve their racing line and overall technique.

Video VBOX Kits

Racer Industries' Video VBOX Kits are comprehensive packages that combine data logging with synchronised video recording. These kits offer the perfect solution for in-depth performance analysis. By capturing critical data such as speed, GPS position, acceleration, and more, and overlaying it onto the recorded video, drivers and teams gain a comprehensive view of each lap, enabling them to identify areas for improvement.

Video VBOX Cables

Seamless connectivity is of utmost importance for reliable data transfer between components. Racer Industries' Video VBOX Cables are engineered to ensure secure and efficient communication between Video VBOX units, cameras, and other peripherals. These high-quality cables minimise data latency, providing a stable connection during demanding racing conditions.

Chase Cam

The Chase Cam system from Racer Industries delivers dynamic footage by automatically tracking the movement of a target vehicle. This system is particularly beneficial for capturing overtaking manoeuvres, close racing, and driver behaviour during on-track sessions. The Chase Cam enhances video content with engaging and thrilling perspectives.

Video VBOX OLED Displays & Preview Screens

Real-time feedback is invaluable for drivers seeking to improve their lap times and overall performance. Racer Industries' Video VBOX OLED Displays & Preview Screens offer instant access to data and video playback, allowing drivers to make informed decisions and adjustments during races and practice sessions.

Shift Lights

Precise gear changes are critical in motorsports to maximise engine power and maintain optimal speed. Racer Industries' Shift Lights are designed to provide clear visual cues, indicating the optimal shift points for the driver. These lights assist in achieving seamless gear changes, ultimately leading to improved overall performance.


Racer Industries offers integration with AIM and MYCHRON systems, two renowned data acquisition solutions. By combining these systems with Racer Industries' products, drivers and teams gain access to extensive data analysis and telemetry, enabling them to fine-tune their setups and driving techniques for enhanced performance.

Video VBOX Input Modules

Versatility is essential in racing electronics. Racer Industries' Video VBOX Input Modules expand the capabilities of Video VBOX systems by providing additional inputs for connecting various sensors, cameras, and other accessories. These input modules offer customisation options to suit specific data logging needs.

Performance Box & VBOX Loggers

For drivers seeking comprehensive data analysis, Racer Industries' Performance Box and VBOX Loggers are the ideal choices. These data loggers record a wealth of information, including GPS position, speed, acceleration, and lap times. The collected data can be analysed in detail to fine-tune driving strategies and optimise performance.

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Racer Industries continues to push the boundaries of racing electronics, offering an impressive lineup of products designed to elevate performance and provide valuable insights. From Video VBOX Cameras & Mounts to Lap Timers and comprehensive Video VBOX Kits, each product is meticulously crafted to help drivers and teams reach their full potential on the track.

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