AiM GPS09 Module

AiM GPS09 Module is a precise position sensor. The GPS09 Module is connected via a CAN cable and is simple and quick to install in a number of locations due to being light weight and water proof.

Key Features:

  • Quicker satellite signal acquisition
  • Reliable in adverse environments
  • 5 pin connection
  • Free race studio 3 download

GPS09 Module

AiM GPS09 Module is more precise than most existing GPS systems.
It has been designed to add the GPS satellite's signal the Global Navigation Satellite (Glonass) system's signal.
With an average of almost twenty satellites working in conjunction, the GPS09 guarantees a precision and a reliability simply not comparable to the old generation GPS systems.

What are the benefits

An average of less than one meter tolerance, which means absolute precision in determining vehicle position in curves and when the finish line is very close to another track segment.

Satellite signal is locked rapidly. A few seconds after you switch it on the GPS09 Module is ready to go.

There's no risk of missing the signal, with noise or interference on the system, as the other system will guarantee the signal continuity.

GPS technology represents a true revolution in racing data acquisition. Thanks to GPS09 Module and Race Studio 3 software, as soon as you start your track session you can immediately sample lap and split times as well as speed, position and acceleration.

GPS09 samples ten times per second position, speed and lateral / in line acceleration at any point of the track.

Thanks to GPS09 even the predictive lap time will be much more reliable during your race and you will know your time gap vs your best lap with absolute precision.


A number of versions are available to suit different applications:

  • Car or Bike: 2m or 4m cable, or a 2m/4m "roof" version (with cable entry from underneath) specifically designed for easy installation on covered cars. Many users have found that the “roof” version works well when fitted to race bike fairings, as the module can be bolted through the fairing with the advantage being that the cable can be detached at the GPS module making removal much quicker and more convenient.
SKU p_AIMX40GPS090400
Brand AIM Sport Systems

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