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Whether you're a professional race car driver or an amateur enthusiast, Racer Industries has the pit & preparation products you need to give yourself an edge on the track. We're the direct importer of race car pit & preparation products, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible quality and selection. Our pit & preparation products include everything from engine tuning and suspension setup to weight balance and tire selection. We have the knowledge and experience to help you make your car perform at its best.

Race Pit & Preparation Equipment

Motorsports enthusiasts and professionals alike understand the significance of pit and preparation areas in ensuring seamless performance during races. These zones are crucial for vehicle maintenance, driver preparation, and quick adjustments to optimise performance. In this article, we will explore the essential components that make up an efficient pit area, from LED inspection and work lights to intercoms and communications.

LED Inspection & Work Lights

A well-lit pit area is fundamental for mechanics and technicians to conduct thorough inspections and make necessary adjustments to vehicles. Race Industries offers state-of-the-art LED inspection and work lights that provide intense and focused illumination, ensuring every detail is visible even in dim lighting conditions. These lights are energy-efficient and emit minimal heat, making them safe and reliable tools for pit and preparation crew members.

Leisure Wear

In the fast-paced world of motorsports, comfort and functionality go hand in hand. Pit crew members and technicians require specialised leisure wear that offers both protection and flexibility. Race Industries provides high-quality leisure wear, including flame-resistant suits, gloves, and footwear, ensuring the necessary safety measures while allowing ease of movement.

Race Car Consumables

Efficient pit and preparation also involves having an adequate supply of consumables readily available. These race car consumables may include a range of items such as lubricants, fuel, cleaning agents, and other essential fluids. Race Industries ensures that the pit crew has access to top-notch consumables, contributing to seamless pit stops and quick maintenance during races.


Racewear is designed not just for style but also to enhance the safety and performance of drivers. Race Industries offers specialised race suits, helmets, and gloves, all tailored to protect the driver from potential hazards while allowing maximum mobility and comfort.

Betta Marquee Portable Shades

Race Industries provides Betta Marquee portable shades, offering a convenient shelter option for pit areas. These portable shades are easy to set up and provide protection from harsh weather conditions, ensuring that the pit crew can work efficiently regardless of the elements.

Tools & Equipment

Pit preparation requires a wide array of tools and equipment to handle various tasks swiftly. From impact wrenches to hydraulic jacks, Race Industries offers top-notch tools at the ready for smooth pit operations.

Pit Equipment

Pit equipment plays a vital role in vehicle maintenance and optimisation during races. This may include tire changers, pressure gauges, and fueling systems, all provided by Race Industries, contributing to speedy and efficient pit stops.

Seats & Harnesses

Driver safety is of utmost importance in motorsports. Race Industries provides properly fitted seats and harnesses that keep the driver securely in place during high-speed manoeuvres, reducing the risk of injury in the event of an accident.

Intercoms & Communications

Clear communication between the driver and the pit crew is crucial for strategic decisions and seamless coordination. Race Industries offers intercoms and communication systems that facilitate real-time discussions, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Race Pit & Preparation Equipment for Sale Online at Racer Industries

With the support of Race Industries' high-quality race preparation products, it is the backbone of successful motorsports events. From LED inspection and work lights to specialised racewear and efficient communication systems, each component plays a significant role in enhancing efficiency and safety during races.


FAQs About Race Day Pit Preparation

What does race day pit preparation involve, and why is it significant?

Race day pit preparation encompasses the meticulous organisation and equipping of the pit area with essential tools, equipment, and supplies to support the race car and its crew during a motorsport event. This process is crucial for ensuring seamless pit stops and quick responses to any on-track issues, contributing to overall race performance.

Why is proper illumination essential during race day pit preparation?

Proper illumination is critical during race day pit preparation to facilitate quick and precise inspections and repairs. Racer Industries' LED inspection and work lights offer powerful lighting, ensuring that every aspect of the race car is thoroughly assessed and maintained, even in low-light conditions.

What are consumables, and why are they necessary for pit preparation?

Consumables refer to essential items required for pit preparation, such as cleaning supplies, adhesives, tapes, and lubricants. These items are vital for maintaining the race car's performance and addressing any on-the-spot needs during the event.

How does racewear enhance safety during race day pit preparation?

Safety is paramount in motorsport, and Racer Industries' racewear plays a significant role in protecting drivers and pit crew members during the event. The fire-resistant suits, gloves, boots, and helmets offered by Racer Industries meet the highest safety standards, ensuring the team's well-being during intense racing conditions.

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