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Are you a racing enthusiast looking to take your performance to the next level? One crucial aspect that can greatly impact your racing success is the brake system. A high-performance brake system ensures efficient stopping power, precise control, and enhanced safety on the track. In Australia, Racer Industries offers a wide range of race car brake systems that you can conveniently purchase online.

Brake Systems for Race Cars: Enhancing Performance and Safety on the Track

Let's explore the various product categories we provide, including brake fluid, pedal box parts, fluid reservoirs, master cylinders, brake proportioning and bias, master cylinder spare parts, brake pads, discs, and accessories, race pedal units, and hydraulic handbrakes.

The Importance of Brake Systems for Race Cars

Race cars demand exceptional braking performance to tackle high speeds and maintain control during intense manoeuvres. A well-designed and properly maintained brake system can make a significant difference in lap times and overall racing success. Upgrading your race car's brake system not only enhances your safety on the track but also provides you with the confidence to push your limits and extract the full potential of your vehicle.

Brake Fluid: Ensuring Optimal Performance

The choice of brake fluid plays a vital role in the performance of your race car's braking system. High-performance brake fluids, such as those offered by Racer Industries, have superior boiling points and exceptional resistance to brake fade. They ensure consistent and reliable performance even under extreme conditions, providing you with the confidence to brake late and enter corners with precision.

Pedal Box Parts: Enhancing Control and Precision

A well-designed pedal box is essential for precise brake modulation and a consistent pedal feel. Racer Industries offers a range of pedal box parts that allow you to fine-tune the brake pedal's sensitivity and adjust the pedal ratio according to your preferences. These components provide a responsive and predictable braking experience, enabling you to push your race car to its limits with confidence.

Fluid Reservoirs

Fluid reservoirs are crucial components of the brake system that store and supply brake fluid to the master cylinders. Racer Industries offers a variety of fluid reservoirs designed to withstand the demands of motorsport applications. With features like transparent reservoir bodies and high-quality construction, these reservoirs ensure a reliable fluid supply, allowing you to monitor fluid levels easily and take timely action if needed.

Master Cylinders

Master cylinders are the primary hydraulic components responsible for converting the force exerted on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. Racer Industries provides a comprehensive selection of master cylinders that deliver precise and consistent braking performance. Whether you need a single or dual-circuit master cylinder, we offer options suitable for various racing disciplines and vehicle configurations.

Master Cylinder Spare Parts

To keep your race car's braking system operating at its best, it's essential to have access to high-quality spare parts. Racer Industries provides a range of master cylinder spare parts, including rebuild kits, seals, and pistons. By using genuine replacement parts, you can ensure the longevity and reliability of your braking system, reducing the risk of unexpected failures during critical race moments.

Brake Proportioning & Bias: Achieving the Ideal Balance

Achieving the right brake proportioning and bias is crucial for optimising your race car's braking performance. Racer Industries offers brake proportioning valves and bias adjusters that allow you to fine-tune the front-to-rear brake balance according to your driving preferences and track conditions. These components ensure optimal brake distribution, maximising the car's stability and control during braking.

Brake Pads, Discs & Accessories

Brake pads and discs are vital components that directly influence the stopping power and performance of your race car. Racer Industries offers a wide selection of high-performance brake pads and discs designed to withstand the intense demands of motorsport applications. With advanced materials and innovative designs, these components deliver exceptional braking performance, allowing you to brake later and with more confidence.

Race Pedal Units

Race pedal units provide you with the ability to precisely control the throttle, brake, and clutch inputs. Racer Industries offers race pedal units that are designed for motorsport use, providing optimal ergonomics, adjustability, and durability. With these units, you can fine-tune your pedal positions, optimise your driving technique, and extract maximum performance from your race car.

Hydraulic Handbrakes

Hydraulic handbrakes are not only useful for initiating controlled drifts but also serve as an additional safety feature during race starts and emergency situations. Racer Industries offers race hydraulic handbrakes that are specifically designed for motorsport use. With their ergonomic design and precise hydraulic operation, these handbrakes provide you with the confidence to execute precise manoeuvres and enhance your overall racing experience.

Buy Racing Brake Systems & Parts Online at Racer Industries

Investing in a high-performance racing brake system is essential for race car enthusiasts seeking to elevate their racing experience. Racer Industries offers a comprehensive range of race car brake systems and components that cater to the demands of motorsport applications. By selecting the right brake fluid, pedal box parts, fluid reservoirs, master cylinders, brake proportioning and bias components, spare parts, brake pads, discs, and accessories, race pedal units, and hydraulic handbrakes, you can enhance your race car's braking performance, achieve better lap times, and ensure safety on the track.


FAQs About Race Car Brake Systems


How do I choose the right brake fluid for my race car?

When selecting brake fluid, consider the boiling point, compatibility with your braking system, and the specific demands of your racing activities.

Can I upgrade my race car's brake system incrementally? 

Yes, you can upgrade specific components of your brake system according to your budget and performance goals. However, it's important to ensure compatibility and maintain a balanced braking system.

What types of braking components does Racer Industries offer?

Racer Industries offers a comprehensive range of braking components, including brake pads, rotors, callipers, brake lines, master cylinders, and more. We cater to motorsport and high-performance enthusiasts, providing top-quality solutions.

Are Racer Industries braking components easy to install, or should I seek professional help?

The ease of installation varies depending on the component and your level of automotive expertise. Brake pads, for instance, may be suitable for DIY installation, while brake callipers or brake lines might require professional expertise. Always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions and seek professional help if needed for safety and performance.

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