Sparco Indy Safety Shoe

Sparco's Indy Safety shoe is compliant with the new ISO 20345:2022, made of fine water repellent suede leather, “flexgrip+” bi-density PU sole with special heel compliant with the requirements for ladder grip (lg), lightweight and suitable for all uses.

Specification: ESD S3S SR LG

Available colours:

  • Charlotte: Dark Grey/Blue
  • Baltimora: Navy Blue/Fluro Yellow


Explanation of specifications

Type of Sole
One of the main features of this sole is the ladder grip incorporated in the sole. (LG) It has you the most safety and stability when you are on the ladder.

ESD safety shoes have an antistatic sole that dissipates electrostatic charge. This Sparco Indy work shoe is specially designed to protect the wearer from electrostatic discharges and provide extra safety in environments where sensitive electronics or explosive substances are present.

This means that the Sparco Indy work shoe provides extra grip on different types of surfaces and reduces the risk of slips and falls as it is anti-slip on ceramic ground covered with water and detergent (soap) and glycerol.

Safety level Sparco Indy lace-up work shoe is S3S and therefore offers a safety toe cap that can withstand an impact of 200 joules, an anti-perforation sole that prevents sharp objects from piercing the sole, as well as a water-resistant and oil-resistant sole.

Metal Free
Sparco Indy work shoe is completely metal free. First, they provide lower weight, which provides greater comfort for the wearer and reduces foot and leg fatigue.

In addition, metal-free safety shoes are also more resistant to corrosion and oxidation, which can extend the life of the shoe.

EN ISO 20345:2022 is the most recent version of the European safety footwear standard and sets stricter design and performance requirements than previous versions.

One of the most important additions is testing the sole's performance for electrical resistance. Furthermore, the standard now also sets higher requirements for the shock absorption of shoes to improve protection against impact from falling objects.

Resistance to penetration by sharp objects has also been tightened to prevent workers from accidentally injuring themselves in the workplace.

Composite toe protection
The tip of Sparco Indy work shoe was made of composite. A composite tip is made of lightweight materials that are very strong and durable. Unlike a steel toe, a composite toe is non-metallic and therefore non-conductive.

In addition, the lightweight design of the composite tip is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and tires the feet less than a steel toe cap.

Another advantage of a composite tip is that it is more resistant to extreme temperatures. This makes composite an excellent choice for working conditions where temperatures fluctuate.

Another important advantage of a composite tip over a steel nose is the way they react to impact. If a steel nose is subjected to a strong impact, in most cases it will dent. This can mean that the nose no longer has its protective effect and must be replaced. With a composite tip, however, it will not dent on impact and the nose will retain its protective function

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Brand Sparco

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